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For some people, it hurts just thinking about having dental implants placed. But as is true in so many other cases, the reality of it is much more mundane than the imagination paints it to be. Thanks to advances in modern medicine, having dental implants placed is a relatively quick and painless procedure that generally fits comfortably into one appointment. Find out why you have no reason to fear having dental implants placed.

Not at All, with Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is a potent tool for neutralizing pain, whether you’re having teeth pulled or placed. It’s different from general anesthesia in that the pain-relieving effect is localized to the area of the body where the dose was administered, rather than impacting the whole body as is the case with general anesthesia. While general anesthesia will put you to sleep for hours, local anesthesia will simply numb the area of the body where your dentist will be working.

In the case of dental implants, your mouth will be numbed after the local anesthesia has been administered. Even as your dentist drills holes for dental implants and uses surgical guides to place the implants, you won’t feel much sensation at the implant sites at all.

Not Much, If You Take Your OTC Painkillers

By the nature of the procedure, swelling and tenderness at the implant sites will be inevitable. But most people typically only need over the counter painkillers to manage the discomfort after having dental implants placed.

Here’s a look at some of the other things your dentist will recommend to minimize any discomfort you may feel after your procedure:

·         Apply a bag of ice the implant sites for roughly ten-minute intervals to help bring down the swelling

·         Take your painkillers as directed to keep the pain down and to bring down the inflammation

·         Get plenty of rest in order to expedite healing

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