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Maintain Facial Bone Structure After Tooth Loss


Whether you have lost a single tooth or several teeth from gum disease, an accident, or tooth decay, you are at a high risk of losing jaw bone tissue around the areas where the tooth is missing. We perform bone grafting procedures at Brownstown Dental Care and may recommend a bone graft, or sinus lift, as part of your treatment plan. This is especially true if you are planning to get dental implants to replace these missing teeth. Dental implants are fused to the jaw bone directly, so if there is not enough bone available you might not qualify for implants or the placement could be unstable.

Our team has extensive experience performing bone grafting surgery and tooth replacement procedures. Using some of the latest technologies and protocols in the industry our dentist, Dr. Hanson, successfully places hundreds of implants a year. He has helped patients with bone loss rebuild their smile and is here to create a customized treatment plan that will help you preserve your smile for years to come.

Benefits of bone grafting include:


  • Rebuilds bone structure
  • Creates stable foundation for dental implants
  • Can prevent further bone loss
  • Safe and effective for most patients
  • Preserves facial structure
  • Improves candidacy for dental implants

Creating a Solid Foundation for Dental Implants


Many patients with missing teeth must undergo a bone grafting procedure, such as a sinus lift or ridge augmentation, before we can place dental implants. This is because tooth loss can cause jaw bone loss so there may not be enough bone available to support one or more implants. We use advanced technologies and guided implant surgery techniques to detect the level of bone available and place dental implants with precision. Once we have identified the areas with bone loss, we can perform a bone graft in the lower jaw and a sinus lift or ridge augmentation to add bone around the upper jaw and sinus cavity.

Undergoing a Bone Graft or Sinus Lift


Your surgery may be scheduled several months prior to dental implant surgery so there is enough time for the bone to heal. Dental bone grafts are typically performed under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation so you can completely relax during your surgery. We will employ one of several grafting techniques to rebuild the bone structure and, if needed, create ample space to accommodate dental implants.

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When our full arch implant patients see their new smiles for the first time, the emotion is real and moving. Years of anguish and pain are lifted and their new lives begin. The reactions are incredible and the Brownstown team is always humbled by the experience.  

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