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Emergency Dental Services in Brownstown, MI

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Emergency Dentistry Services in Brownstown, MI

Dental emergencies usually take us by surprise and can be distressing for many. If you or a family member needs to see a dentist right away, call our office to get an evaluation with Dr. Benjamin Hanson. Dr. Hanson and our staff have extensive experience working on emergency dentistry cases and we make room available in our schedule each day to accommodate emergency and last-minute appointments. You can call our practice at any time to report a dental emergency and determine when the best time to come in for treatment may be. Our friendly and compassionate staff is here to ensure you get the high level of care you deserve, regardless of the emergency situation.

When to Call for Emergency Dentistry Treatment

  • Knocked out tooth
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Signs of infection
  • Swollen or inflamed tooth
  • Cracked or damaged tooth or crown
  • Gum inflammation and redness
  • Injury to the mouth, cheek or lips
  • Fractured tooth or teeth

What to Expect with Emergency Dentistry Services

Our team is here to provide immediate care and personalized service whenever you need it. Whether you are struggling to get through the day with a severe toothache or you notice an infection developing around a tooth, you should call us immediately for an evaluation. In many cases, emergencies must be handled right away to prevent more damage, pain, and costly treatment. Patients who have any type of injury from an accident need to take special care to get to the office or an emergency room right away for treatment. Our staff is trained to handle many types of dental emergencies and can accommodate most patients the same day.

Let us provide you and your family with the timely care you deserve during a dental emergency. Neglecting or postponing treatment during an emergency dentistry situation can cause more oral health problems and demand costly treatment later. We are here to provide guidance and professional advice for patients in Brownstown, MI, when facing any type of dental emergency.

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When our full arch implant patients see their new smiles for the first time, the emotion is real and moving. Years of anguish and pain are lifted and their new lives begin. The reactions are incredible and the Brownstown team is always humbled by the experience.  

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“I called this dentist office in hopes of getting an appointment before I leave town. (All the others told me itd be a week or two) They got me an appointment for the next day, very quick, very professional, and even without insurance, the price in my opinion was beyond fair. 5 stars, would recommend to anyone, will definitely be going back.” ~ Zach

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