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Why Choose Esteem Dental Implants?

Have you experienced that twinge of envy that comes from seeing others laugh and smile with ease? Instead of sharing their joy, does it bring up your own issues about having to hide your smile?  Do you suffer the anguish of having to bite down on your lips or cover your mouth with your hands in order to hide your teeth from view? Are your long-term dental problems turning you into a vulnerable person suffering from lack of confidence and self-esteem?

For folks like you, Esteem Dental Implants were created. Our name was inspired by our mission. Our dental patients’ lives change drastically when they regain that lost self-esteem and confidence by having their gorgeous, healthy, natural smiles restored.

Esteem Dental Implants

Dr. Ben Hanson on why you should choose Esteem Dental Implants

Watch this video because Dr. Ben Hanson has a special message about for you about your dental issues. He invites you to come to his Browntown, MI dental office for a free Esteem Dental Implants consultation. People in the Brownstown, MI area with teeth problems just like yours are getting full mouth restoration that is literally life-changing!

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Dr. Ben Hanson

Your Frequently Asked Questions About Esteem Dental Implants

What are Esteem Dental Implants?

Dr. Ben Hanson of Brownstown Dental Care is a certified Esteem Dental Implants provider and uses the procedure to provide dental patients in the Brownstown, MI region with life-changing dentistry.

Esteem Dental Implants is a state-of-the art dental implant bridge procedure performed by highly trained and certified dental implant dentists. Think of the implants as “artificial teeth roots”. They are made from material that’s stronger and more durable than commonly used materials. The result is more than completely fixed teeth. You’ll get the beautiful, healthy, natural-looking smile of your dreams!

Here are some beneficial features of Esteem Dental Implants over alternatives such as dentures:

  • Bite, chew and talk without discomfort or pain
  • No shifting, slipping, or pain
  • Incredibly durable and stain resistant
  • Looks natural and feels great!

What are the three major phases of the Esteem Dental Implants process?

In the initial Esteem Dental Implants consultation with Dr. Ben Hanson, your team will listen to your dental story, conduct a thorough examination of your teeth, explain the dental implant procedure in detail, and answer the questions that you may have. If Esteem Dental Implants is deemed suitable for you, a personalized bridge will be created based on a 3D model of your teeth, and the procedure will be scheduled.

In this step, Dr. Ben preps your mouth for your customized Esteem Implant Bridge, made with material that’s incredibly durable and stain resistant—and looks completely natural. To create room for the new teeth, provisional teeth will be placed in your mouth by your dentist, which you will use until the permanent Esteem implant bridge is ready. The goal of Esteem Dental Implants is to replace all of your teeth, providing a complete smile makeover that boosts your self-confidence. Even with the provisional teeth, you will notice an improvement in your smile.

After a period of three to six months, your Esteem Dental Implants team will permanently attach the Esteem implant bridge to your mouth, ensuring a proper and comfortable fit. The Esteem implant bridge is durable and resistant to staining, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with ease and without any discomfort or slipping.

Am I a good candidate for the Esteem full-arch dental implants?

Esteem Dental Implants are great if the following apply to you:

You’ve already had a great deal of dental treatment.

Contrary to popular belief, many patients who select full-arch dental implants have already had dental treatment, such as crowns and bridges. In fact, the majority have experimented with a range of procedures in an effort to whiten their teeth and boost their confidence. If you’ve already spent years — and more than a little money — attempting to restore your smile and oral health, full-arch dental implants may be an effective answer.

You have oral health issues throughout your mouth.

Full-arch dental implants are the best option for those who not only have missing or damaged teeth but also have failing dentitions, significant jawbone loss, total tooth loss, rotting gums, or other dental concerns since they simultaneously treat several oral health issues. Full-arch dental implants also treat these problems more permanently than other fixes, saving you from needing numerous dental visits and operations.

You have to replace many teeth.

Full-arch dental implants are a wonderful alternative for those who have numerous missing or damaged teeth since they contain a whole row of replacement teeth. Full-arch dental implants may offer you the complete, healthy smile you deserve, whether you need to replace your upper or lower teeth or all of the teeth in your mouth.

Are Esteem Dental Implants better than dentures?

Dr. Ben Hanson and the dental implant team at Brownstown Dental Care will explain why dental implants offer more benefits than dentures. We’ll cover some benefits now.

Dental patients that wear dentures are all too aware of their many disadvantages, which range from slippage and discomfort to difficulty speaking and eating. Dental implants are frequently a more stable and comfortable alternative for unhappy denture users. Full-arch implants, which allow for more natural biting and chewing due to the manner in which they are implanted into the jawbone, make it feasible to eat a variety of foods that are often off-limits to those who wear dentures.

In the dental implant procedure, small screws are used to put dental implants into the jawbone. As the implant integrates with the jawbone over time, it provides a sturdy, long-lasting basis for your new teeth. Additionally, this helps delay jawbone degradation in the future, preserving a more youthful face shape in addition to improving dental health. This does not happen when using dentures.

You deserve a new beginning.

A Brownstown Dental Care Patient Case Study

When our full arch implant patients see their new smiles for the first time, the emotion is real and moving. Years of anguish and pain are lifted and their new lives begin. The reactions are incredible and the Brownstown team is always humbled by the experience.  

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Featured Testimonial

“I had full upper implants done. Final result simply amazing. I am so in love with my new smile. Never thought I could have such a beautiful smile. Dr. Hansen is the best. So worth it. I would do it all over again for this smile. ” ~ Vicki

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