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Comprehensive Smile Makeovers: Enhancing Your Smile at Brownstown Dental Care

A Brownstown Dental Care blog post by Dr. Ben Hanson

Veneers & Comprehensive Smile Makeovers with Dr. Ben Hanson

Transcript of the video: Veneers & Comprehensive Smile Makeovers with Dr. Ben Hanson

Smile Makeovers & Patient Success Stories with Dr. Ben Hanson

When you opt for veneers, most of your natural tooth structure remains intact. A veneer is essentially a thin porcelain facing that is bonded strongly to your tooth. The care for veneers involves the same practices as you would for a natural tooth: brushing and flossing. However, veneers don’t change color like natural teeth, which may darken over time due to consuming substances like black tea or coffee. So, while you still need to maintain good oral hygiene, you don’t have to worry about veneers darkening your smile over time.

A smile makeover is a process where we completely transform someone’s smile within a very short period. This transformation might involve veneers, crowns, or a combination of both to achieve a perfect, beautiful smile quickly. The process includes taking photographs, 3D scanning, and intraoral scanning to digitize your entire dental presentation. We then use this digital model to design your new teeth.

When you come in for your veneers, we’ll place the new teeth to ensure they look beautiful and meet your expectations. Once you’re happy with the appearance, we send them out to be finished with a strong porcelain ceramic. They are then bonded to your tooth, giving you a brand new, natural-looking smile.

Comprehensive Smile Makeovers: Enhancing Your Smile at Brownstown Dental Care

A smile makeover is a transformative process aimed at improving the aesthetic aspects of one’s smile through various dental procedures. At Brownstown Dental Care, under the guidance of Dr. Ben Hanson, smile makeovers are not just about enhancing appearances but also about restoring functionality and promoting dental health.

Understanding the Components of a Smile Makeover

Smile makeovers can involve a combination of treatments including veneers, crowns, and, occasionally, orthodontics or teeth whitening. Each treatment is chosen based on a detailed dental assessment to ensure the best results tailored to the individual’s needs.

Veneers: One of the most popular choices in smile makeovers, dental veneers are thin porcelain facings that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth. They are an excellent choice for correcting imperfections such as minor misalignments, chips, gaps, or discoloration that does not respond well to whitening treatments. The porcelain used in veneers is highly resistant to staining, which means that unlike natural teeth, veneers will not darken or discolor over time due to coffee, tea, or other stain-inducing substances.

Crowns: For teeth that require more extensive restoration, crowns are used. These cover the entire tooth and are necessary when the tooth is significantly damaged or decayed. Crowns are designed to strengthen and protect the tooth, while also improving its overall appearance.

Orthodontics and Whitening: Sometimes, a smile makeover may include orthodontic treatments to correct alignment issues or teeth whitening to brighten the natural teeth before other procedures are carried out.

The Process of a Smile Makeover at Brownstown Dental Care

The process begins with a comprehensive consultation, where Dr. Hanson and the team take the time to understand the patient’s aesthetic goals and evaluate their oral health. This includes a series of photographs, 3D scans, and intraoral scans to digitize the presentation of the patient’s teeth. This digital approach allows for precise planning and simulation of the expected results.

Once the treatment plan is established, patients will undergo the procedures required for their specific needs. For veneers, the teeth are prepared, and temporary veneers are placed. This stage allows patients to preview their new smile and make any adjustments in shape, color, or size before the final veneers are created.

The final veneers or crowns are crafted from high-quality porcelain ceramic, which ensures durability and a natural look. These are then bonded to the patient’s teeth, revealing a new, radiant smile that is both beautiful and functional.

Caring for Your New Smile

Post-procedure care is crucial to maintain the longevity and beauty of a smile makeover. While veneers and crowns are made to be durable, they still require regular care. This includes routine brushing and flossing, avoiding excessive force or chewing hard foods directly on the restorations, and regular dental check-ups. Dr. Hanson also advises against using your teeth as tools to open packaging or bite hard objects.

Why Choose Brownstown Dental Care for Your Smile Makeover?

Choosing the right dentist for a smile makeover is vital. Dr. Ben Hanson at Brownstown Dental Care brings years of experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. His practice uses the latest in dental technology and techniques to provide patients with safe, effective, and stunning smile transformations.

Located in Brownstown, MI, Brownstown Dental Care offers a welcoming environment where every patient’s comfort and satisfaction are prioritized! With a commitment to personalized care and excellence in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Hanson is dedicated to helping patients achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted.

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