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If you’ve heard all of the negative points about conventional your whole like, they can be a hard sell when the times comes that they’re finally a serious option for you. There’s a persistent stigma about wearing conventional dentures and the rise of dental implants, an all-around better solution, isn’t helping change the perception of dentures. However, there are lots of reasons you should seriously consider dentures if you’ve lost all or most of your teeth. Take a look at how dentures can dramatically improve your quality of life and can even be a bridge to getting dental implants someday.

They Can Restore Your Smile

You’ll notice a difference in how people look at you. Because of focusing on what used to be there, your natural teeth, they’ll see your smile that looks much like it did during its best years.

When you lose natural teeth, the jawbone in which they were once planted begins to deteriorate. That deterioration can cause the cheeks the sink inward and dramatically alters your smile. But with dentures, your cheeks will sink in less and your smile will look much healthier.

They Can Restore Biting and Chewing Function

For many people, this is the top reason for getting dentures. Though they won’t be perfect, they should enable you to enjoy most of the foods you had to stop eating when your natural teeth failed on you.

They’re Commonly Covered by Dental Insurance

Dentures are much more affordable than dental implants, the top solution for replacing missing teeth. But on top of being more affordable, they’re often covered, at least in part, by dental insurance.

They Can Serve as a Bridge to Dental Implants

Even if your ultimate goal is to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, and you’re ready to invest in them, you still shouldn’t rule out dentures for the near term. It can take the better part of a year to get dental implants and conventional dentures can act as a bridge to help you get there seamlessly.

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