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For some people, it takes seeing a bit of blood in their spittle while brushing their teeth to finally get them to seek treatment for gum disease. For others, it can take even more. But whether your gum disease is minor or major, an experienced dentist in Brownstown, MI will offer multiple options to help you regain control of the health of your teeth and gums. Find out what some of your options for gum disease treatment will look like.

Deep Cleaning

Outside dentists’ offices, it’s known as a “deep cleaning.” On the inside, the call it scaling and root planing. This procedure is minimally invasive, yet highly effective at stopping gum disease from progressing.

By removing tartar that has hardened onto the teeth, you can reduce the pockets of space tartar build-up creates between the gums and the teeth. Unchecked, these pockets of bacterial will help spread gum disease.

Deep cleaning consists of two primary parts:

Scaling – after administering a local anesthetic to numb your mouth, your dentist will carefully pull back your gums to access the roots of your teeth. From there, the dentist will methodically remove tartar that has calcified onto the teeth.

Root planing – with the teeth cleaned, the dentist will then smooth the rough surfaces of teeth to help the gums hug the teeth tightly.

Laser and Conventional Gum Disease Surgery

Different tools are used to the same effect. With laser gum surgery, a dental laser is used to remove decaying gum tissue. The healthy gum tissue is left intact, helping stop the spread of gum disease. With conventional gum surgery, metal tools, such as a scalpel, is used.

Conventional gum surgery may be the only option for the most severe cases, though laser gum surgery is often preferred by patients because it is minimally invasive. With laser gum surgery, there’s less bleeding, no need for stitches, less discomfort and a much shorter recovery period.

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