Brownstown Dental Care ESTEEM Dental Implants

Getting dental implants has become the most recommended solution for people who have missing teeth. As implants require surgeries and a long procedure, it is common for patients to doubt their safety.  

Are you in danger?

If you are worried and want to know if dental implants are safe, then you should stay calm. As it is a surgical procedure there might be some complications, but (even they rarely happen) they can be easily solved. 

Implants are made out of 3 parts, the implant, the abutment and the crown. The only item that will be placed inside your jawbone, will be the implant. However, this piece is made with titanium and alloy metals, all of them biocompatible. This means they are not toxic and they won’t rust or degrade inside your mouth.

Placing dental implants has become a daily task for implantologists. Without mentioning all the advantages they have, such as looking and feeling like natural teeth, lasting longer, being comfortable, and preventing bone resorption. They also have a 95% success rate! 

Possible risks

One of the most common risks is a bacterial infection at your new tooth base and its surroundings. This can be produced by a wrong care of the implant or an infection that wasn’t treated previously. Even though they may be painful and produce swelling on the affected area, your dentist will solve it fast.

Other minimum risks are the ones that may be produced during the surgery. Your gums could get injured, or if the place of extraction hasn’t healed completely, blood vessels or nerves could get harmed. This could produce pain and inflammation.

Also, we can find cases where the implant is not stable and gets loose. Or cases when the bone is dense enough and a bone grafting is needed.


For you to avoid any further complications, these are some recommendations for you to stay healthy and for your implants to last as much as possible.

  • Hygienize your implants as if they were your real teeth.
  • Don´t smoke 
  • Look for a highly qualified dentist
  • If it is your case, make sure your diabetes is properly controlled.
  • Avoid biting hard things during the healing period.


As you could see, there are risks that can be highly reduced if you go through this process with a professional and qualified dentist. But considering all its advantages, those are risks a lot of people are brave enough to take. Consider scheduling a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about how safe dental implants are in Brownston, MI.