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Are you a good candidate for full-arch dental implants?

Although missing or broken teeth can make it painful to chew, hiding your smile in your sleeve — or avoiding smiling altogether — hurts even more. If you’ve already had dental work such as bridges or crowns yet still feel the sting of self-doubt, full-arch dental implants can help.

Dental implants replace damaged or missing teeth with artificial ones. Full-arch implants — sometimes called whole-arch dental implants — are made up of an entire row of artificial teeth that look and feel like natural teeth. Because dental implants become part of the jaw, unlike dentures, they don’t move while you eat or talk.

Full-arch dental implants can be a good option for people wishing to improve their oral health and quality of life. However, it’s important to know if you’re a good candidate for the procedure[1]. Here are four key factors to consider when exploring full-arch dental implants.

You’ve already had a lot of dental work done

It may seem counter-intuitive, but many people who choose full-arch dental implants have had dental work — including crowns and bridges — in the past. In fact, most have tried a variety of treatments in an effort to improve their smiles and boost their self-confidence. Full-arch dental implants can be an effective solution if you’ve already spent years — and more than a little money — trying to improve your smile and oral health.

You have dental problems throughout your mouth

Full-arch dental implants address multiple oral health issues at once, so they’re ideal for people who not only have missing or broken teeth, but also suffer from failing dentitions, severe jawbone loss, total tooth loss, decaying gums or other dental problems. What’s more, full-arch dental implants address these issues more permanently than other solutions so you can avoid multiple dentist appointments and procedures.

You need to replace multiple teeth

Because full-arch dental implants include an entire row of artificial teeth, they’re a good option for people who have several missing or damaged teeth. Whether you need to replace your upper or lower teeth or all of the teeth in your mouth, full-arch dental implants can give you the full, healthy smile you deserve.

Dental implants are installed by inserting small screws into the jawbone. Over time, the implant becomes part of the jawbone and serves as a strong, long-lasting foundation for your new teeth. This also helps prevent future jawbone deterioration, which not only leads to better oral health, but also helps maintain a more youthful facial structure. Although dental implants aren’t a fountain of youth, they can improve your self-confidence.

You’re done with dentures

If you wear dentures, you’re probably all too familiar with their many drawbacks, from slippage and irritation to interfering with speaking and eating. Unhappy denture-wearers often find dental implants are a more secure — and comfortable — solution. Because of the way they are inserted into the jawbone, full-arch implants allow for more natural biting and chewing, making it possible to enjoy a variety of foods usually off-limits to denture-wearers.

The stability of full-arch dental implants also provides peace of mind, eliminating worry about dentures that can become loose and make simple activities such as interacting with others and enjoying a meal stressful. 

Esteem Dental Implants can help

It’s not an exaggeration to say full-arch dental implants can be transformative, improving quality of life and boosting self-esteem. Imagine not having to worry about slipping dentures or being embarrassed about broken or missing teeth.

Developed specifically to restore your self-esteem, Esteem Dental Implants has the power to change your life in as little as one day. Our doctors are highly skilled, of course, but more important, they are compassionate caregivers devoted to improving the quality of life for every patient.

If you’re ready to transform your self, schedule a consultation today.

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