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Cosmetic dentistry is related to but ultimately different when compared to the field of general dentistry. For the short definition, cosmetic dentistry can be cited as basically involving aesthetics in sculpting the look of your smile all the way to the color of your teeth.


People undergo cosmetic dentistry treatments for a variety of reasons, each one dependent on his or her individual needs.

Some would want the good old-fashioned smile makeover or the movie-star white-teeth smile. Others simply want to straighten a crooked smile (caused by a crooked tooth or a group of teeth). Some others would just want to replace their old metal fillings with the now-popular white tooth-colored restorations.

Things to consider

If you are planning to undertake a dental cosmetic procedure, it is necessary that you thoroughly know and understand its different aspects. You should also understand the different options available to you along with the risks that are involved as well.

After your own reading and investigations, consult with a cosmetic dentist in your area like Dr. Ben Hanson to answer any questions you may have about the treatment. Be sure to ask about the costs, risks, and the advantages among other things

Costs and financing

Cosmetic dentistry costs will depend on many factors.

How many procedures would you want?  Is your cosmetic dentist skilled enough? Are the materials used, top of the line? Are they using the most modern techniques and equipment? Has the price for their use factored into the total costs?

Today, many people believe that cosmetic dentistry costs are astronomical and are prohibitive for their budget. Not many of them realize that there are several affordable options in cosmetic dentistry. Nowadays, there are already several convenient cosmetic dentistry financing plans to assist you with the cost of the more extensive (and admittedly expensive) aesthetic procedures.

Choosing your cosmetic dentist

In the end, your doctor must not only be a good dental technician, they should also have an artistic touch. The key to having the most natural-looking results is finding a cosmetic dentist with enough artistic sense and a sure mastery of the profession.

For more information on choosing a cosmetic dentist, contact our offices located in Brownstown, Michigan. At Brownstown Dental Care our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanson to answer any other questions you have about cosmetic dentistry.